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At PRA Health Sciences, providing innovative solutions for our clients is what we do. But innovation just for the sake of innovation isn’t why we do it. Side-by-side with our clients, we strive to move drug discovery forward, to help them develop life-saving and life- improving drugs. We help change people’s lives for the better every single day. It’s who we are. Innovating to help people is at the heart of our process, but it’s even more than that. It’s also our privilege.
The impact of what we do can't always be measured, but it can always be felt.
To save lives, or enable people to live better lives, is no small thing. With every drug that we help bring to market, we not only improve the lives of the individuals who need it, but also all the lives that they touch. The ripples are countless, but the benefit is clear. With each and every trial, we’re working with our clients to change lives and to make the world a better place.
There's just no denying good chemistry.
Hope. It's why our clients do what they do and why we're so passionate about helping them. Hope that by getting better medicines to market sooner, we can help make tomorrow better than today. Hope for the people who need them. Hope that by employing highly dedicated and passionate people, by being more innovative, and by delivering unmatched scientific expertise, we can continually improve the drug development process.
Figuring out how to empower our people was simple. We asked them.
Every project is different and every project team has to have the ability and agility to adapt to those differences. PRA's operation model provides a consistency of structure and approach that serves as a great framework for achieving operational efficiencies. But our model also empowers and encourages employees to initiate creative solutions to keep projects on track when they encounter the need. It’s this culture of flexibility and support that enables us to search for the right answer to any given problem, and to be able to utilize those answers in providing better and better solutions for our clients.

Enable your people to be the best

We believe that our people are the future of the industry. Of course we have the best equipment, the most modern labs, the very latest technology and training programs that are second to none. But those things are just part of what makes us unique. What truly differentiates PRA Health Sciences from anyone else in the world, are our culture and the people who breathe life into it.

and you keep the best people.

In an environment committed to growth, our people thrive. They enjoy where they work and the work that they do. Teams collaborate from across the hall and around the globe to find solutions for our clients. There’s a pervading sense of common purpose and camaraderie. You can’t help but know it when you see it, and once you see it nothing less will do.

Helping clients to improve lives is what we do. Science is how we do it.
Innovative science is at the core of all we do as an organization. Across all phases of biopharmaceutical drug development, from strategy through execution, science permeates the mindset of every member of our highly experienced teams and every step of our unique approach. Efficient and effective clinical development that supports our clients in helping improve people's lives is what we do. Science is how we do it.
Technology empowers us to connect insights and move in any direction. Especially forward.
At PRA Health Sciences, our application of technology truly sets us apart. We strategically develop global, sustainable, scalable solutions that are not only unique to our industry but also empower our project teams to implement innovative strategies that are specifically designed to connect study insights from around the world and move our clients ahead. Our level of ongoing technological integration into the clinical development process is a real advantage in both productivity and in delivering reliable results in an ever-advancing industry.
Our technology is
a new age of clinical development
We understand the very necessary role that fully conceptualized technology architecture plays in achieving unified, global service. And no one fills that role better. Our information delivery system enables project teams from across the globe to collaborate seamlessly, and provides our clients with the data transparency they need.
It's time technology and clinical development embraced their full potential.
While our information delivery is unmatched in the industry, we’re continually looking to improve the solutions we provide. We’re actively building out an Information Technology infrastructure that gathers metadata across all aspects of a study, regardless of application, all on the same backbone. This infrastructure and its deployment will move CRO-vendor partnerships to a whole new level of transparency. Reporting data will become leveraging information, and our clients’ ability to be predictive rather than reactive will be unparalleled.
No matter where your clinical development takes you, we're already there.
In order to have a global study, you need to learn all the local customs, relationships and regulations of each area where you plan to conduct studies. Unless you partner with someone who already has. We never forget that every global study is executed locally. With over 10,000 employees in over 80 countries around the world, our team harnesses practical knowledge of local regulations, standards of care and cultural customs to maximize safety and efficiency for your studies.
Through our more than 70 global offices, PRA Health Sciences has supported over 3500 clinical studies and consulting projects over the last five years.
You want global offices with local insights. We're speaking your language.
The advantage of having a presence in over 80 countries goes deeper than simply already being wherever you may want to go. It’s the level of integration, of familiarity with local people and available resources, combined with the expertise to know what’s needed and how to get it, that gives our clinical development partners an edge.

This is just the beginning.

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