Our People

We recognize our people are the foundation for success, and we are confident that our culture makes a difference, which is why in a recent survey of our clients, 85% indicated that they would like their relationship with PRA to expand in the future. Why do our people make a difference? It is because they are aligned with clients’ goals, happy in their work, and empowered to be problem solvers. Why are our people like this? It’s because we train them, support them, reward them, and empower them.

Our culture not only keeps people here at PRA, it draws them back. Over the past 36 months, we are hiring “boomerang employees” (staff who previously worked at PRA but now want to come back) at a rate of nearly 6.5 hires per month.

We Are: Aligned With Sponsor Goals

Here is what some of our staff have to say about working at PRA:

  • “The client's drug getting to market was just as important to us as it was to them.” – Director, ClinOps

  • “Bringing drugs to market, that's the reason we are in this industry.” – Manager, ClinOps

  • “At the end of this, we're improving people's lives.” – Director, HR

  • “When you find out you worked on a drug that got approved—that's a pretty powerful moment.” – Director, Data Support

  • “This data affects people’s lives.” – Manager, Data Services

  • “We are trying to get better medicines to market sooner.” – Director, ClinOps

What we hear overwhelmingly from our people is that they are motivated and driven by the same things as sponsors—working together to help get safe and effective treatments to market that can improve the quality of life for someone.

We Are: Satisfied Employees

  • “I love my job because of the people here.” – Manager, Data Services

  • “I don’t feel like a number here.” – Director, Project Management

  • “I saw the spark in this company and the opportunity. It comes through with all the people I work with here.” – Exec Director, IT

  • “What’s great about this company is the people.” – Manager, Clinical Programming

  • “I like the people – that’s why I stay here.” – CRA

We Are: Empowered Employees


Every project is different and every project team has to have the ability and agility to adapt to those differences. PRA's operation model provides a consistency of structure and approach that serves as a great framework for achieving operational efficiencies. But our model also empowers and encourages employees to initiate creative solutions to keep projects on track when they encounter the need. It’s this culture of flexibility and support that enables us to search for the right answer to any given problem, and to be able to utilize those answers in providing better and better solutions for our clients.

Again, from our empowered employees:

  • “It is not ‘You will get this done.’ It is ‘How can we help you get this done.’ ” – Project Director

  • “I am not playing a role; I’m conducting a role. It’s not about the company; it’s about the project team.” – Project Director