Moscow, Russia

Moscow is the home of senior clinical operations staff in the region. The city has reputable teaching hospitals, university clinics and postgraduate medical schools—the highly-regarded academic and industrial training programs of the Central and Eastern Europe region produce a valuable human resource pool for all types of research professionals. Moscow has a high incidence of lifestyle-related diseases owing to such factors as tobacco use, obesity, high blood pressure and raised blood glucose. It has a wealth of sites and patients, being home to over 10 million people.

5 Yauzskaya Street, Suite 204, Moscow 109028, Russian Federation


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“Russia consistently delivers fast patient enrollment for global and regional clinical studies. These studies—with patients and pivotal data from this region—enable biopharmaceutical companies to bring products to market in a cost-effective way while optimizing time and money during the drug development process.”

David Passov
Senior Vice President, Project Management
Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa