Warsaw, Poland

Our Warsaw office is home to Early Development and Product Registration, serving clients from one of the city's primary business districts. It is located in a key region: Poland remains the largest clinical studies market in Central and Eastern Europe, with a population of over 38 million. Warsaw has competitive research costs and offers significant advantages for running clinical studies in the region. The city has a centralized healthcare system and strong physician/patient relationships.

Catalina Office Center, Aleja Wyścigowa 6, 02-681 Warsaw, Poland


PHONE+48 (22) 545-8440

“We are located in a competitive and popular region for clinical research. Our depth of experience allows us to stand out from the crowd. In Poland we enjoy a familiar and supportive atmosphere, not to mention a great team spirit! We have many opportunities for our people to develop; with a whole host of internal and external training initiatives.”

Maciej Wierzejski
Associate Director – Clinical Operations (Poland & Baltics)