Mannheim, Germany

One of our largest European offices, Mannheim benefits from the plethora of scientific and clinical expertise in the region. An integral part of our global service delivery, our Mannheim office is home to our European Drug Safety Center, Scientific Affairs and Medical Affairs teams for Europe and Asia Pacific. It is also the site of one of PRA’s three Late Phase Service’s Study Coordinating Centers.

Gottlieb-Daimler-Strasse 10 68165 Mannheim, Germany


PHONE+49 (621) 8782-0

“PRA’s commitment to excellence is never more evident than what you will see in our Mannheim office; our zealous and dedicated employees support all manner of operations throughout PRA. We are home to particularly strong medical affairs, late phase development and safety teams.” 

Michael Kirchengast
Senior Vice President, Scientific Affairs
Mannheim, Germany