Lenexa, KS

Our Lenexa office is one of our largest, and serves as home to one of PRA’s primary data and document management hubs, as well as clinical operations and project management team members.  It has hosted classes of “The PRA Program” – a  career development opportunity for new college graduates interested in breaking into the clinical research industry The overall goal is to use The PRA Program experience as a foundation for development of future PRA leaders. Located in the same building is one of PRA’s state of the art Phase I units.

Our 114-bed clinical research unit is strategically located just outside of the populous Kansas City. This unit specializes in First-in-Human through proof-of-concept programs and houses a GCP-grade pharmacy and bioanalytical laboratory. Our Lenexa research unit provides our clients with an array of services, including strategic drug development, site services, and full service clinical trial management services. Our closely located laboratory and novel study designs provide our clients with the efficiency they expect from PRA’s clinical study teams.

9755 Ridge Dr, Lenexa, KS 66219


PHONE+1 (913) 410-2000

“There is a shortage of talent in the CRO and pharmaceutical development industries; we have developed the PRA program in Lenexa to bring new applicants into the industry. Our goal is to train them and get them into the workforce.”

David W. Dockhorn, Executive Vice President and Compliance Officer
Executive Vice President
Lenexa, USA