Raleigh, NC

Home to our Global Headquarters since 2008, PRA’s Raleigh office is located within the world’s fastest growing research epicenter. This strategic relocation provides us with access to cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking employees, which is clearly illustrated by the immense strides PRA has made in the CRO arena over the last several years. Raleigh continues to surpass other comparable cities in economic growth and professional opportunities, providing PRA with our most valuable resource—our highly skilled, dedicated people.

4130 ParkLake Avenue, Suite 400, Raleigh, NC 27612


PHONE+1 (919) 786-8200
FAX+1 (919) 786-8201

"The Raleigh office location in many ways is like PRA. With several major universities and a broad research community, innovation and science are part of the culture.”

Patrick Spine
Vice President, Human Resources
Raleigh, USA