Salt Lake City, UT

Strategically located in the Four Corners area of Utah, our Salt Lake City research center offers a host of services that are sure to exceed our clients’ expectations. At any given time, our Salt Lake City research center concurrently runs 50-80 clinical studies in Human Abuse Liability, addiction, pain, psychiatry, neurology, pediatric and infectious disease services. PRA’s knowledgeable staff streamlined recruiting processes and onsite laboratory and pharmacy services expedite study start-up timelines while providing the highest quality care and safety to our patients.

3838 S 700 E #202, Salt Lake City, UT 84106


PHONE1 (801) 269-8200

“Salt Lake City's Center of Excellence footprint has grown steadily over the last decade. We have developed a collective wealth of experience and camaraderie which we feel cannot be matched! Our location serves the Four Corner Area and our knowledge… the globe!”

Lynn Webster
Vice President, Scientific Affairs, Early Development Services
Salt Lake City, USA