Infectious Diseases

PRA’s record of accomplishment in program management and drug development in infectious diseases (ID) is clear to see. Our global experience includes services leading to the approval of 5 important products.

PRA has supported 170+ phase I-IV clinical STUDIES involving more than 3,400+ sites and 56,500+ patients in infectious diseases since 2010.

Experience and Expertise

Over 60% of PRA’s key project management and clinical operations employees are experienced in ID clinical research.

During the last five years, PRA has conducted studies across a wide-range of indications within vaccines, antibacterials, antivirals, antifungals, pneumonia and antiparasitics.


Key areas of ID Expertise


Medical Informatics

PRA’s analytical Medical Informatics (MI) tool supplements our therapeutic expertise and practical experience with data derived from:

  • Laboratory, pharmacy, EMR, diagnostic and other databases
  • The MI group provides data related to natural disease histories, study protocol optimization and contextual informatics for site selection or enrichment of site-specific populations

Feasibility Studies

PRA’s Feasibility group gathers real-time ID survey data to identify suitable regions as well as appropriate clinics and patient populations. PRA’s advantages include:

  • Familiarity with ID investigators worldwide and the types of patients they treat, disease states and other key factors facilitating optimal site and patient selection
  • Ability to combine existing available data (including investigator metrics, study performance and Medical Informatics) with direct investigator feedback to minimize study start-up time
  • PRA utilizes US claims data to determine investigator locations as well as associated patient counts