Oncology & Hematology

As a recognized leader in conducting complex, global oncology and hematology trials, PRA has contributed expert services critical to the approval of 12 important drugs.

During the last five years, PRA has participated in more than 400 oncology and hematology clinical projects globally in every phase and virtually every indication, including supportive care.

Key Areas of Oncology & Hematology Expertise

The following tables summarize PRA’s clinical study and consulting experience in our key oncology and hematology indications during the last five years.

Oncology Number of Clinical Studies Number of Clinical Sites Number of Clinical Patients
Multiple Solid Tumors 42 515+ 5,120+
Breast Cancer 24 1,200+ 7,200+
Non-small Cell Lung Cancer 26 1,600+ 6,500+
Colorectal Cancer 10 660+ 1,930+
Renal Cell Carcinoma 4 170+ 585+
Total 106 4,200+ 21,370+
Hematology Number of Clinical Studies Number of Clinical Sites Number of Clinical Patients
Multiple Myeloma 11 715+ 2,645+
Myelodysplastic Syndrome 6 285+ 590+
Acute Myeloid Leukemia 6 350+ 1,850
Anemia/Neutropenia 5 10+ 540+
Total 28 1,370+ 5,630+

Investigator Relations & Patient Access

PRA provides support for clinical trials at every level. Our network of global expertise, patient access and investigator alliances allows us to provide an accomplished service for oncology and hematology studies of all types.

PRA’s advantages include:

  • Supportive care study experience.
  • Global investigator network to provide access to nearly all geographical areas, including emergent markets such as Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe for patient recruitment.
  • Access to Citeline™ products (SiteTrove, TrialPredict and TrialTrove)—together with our internal investigator network—enables us to conduct accurate feasibility studies and more effectively recruit oncology/hematology patients to our studies. This approach results in faster study start-ups, thereby reducing overall development timelines for our sponsors.