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HI*PRA is a beacon that collectively signals the meaning of both PRA’s culture and work. It’s a coalescence of values that guide each and every one of our employees. HI*PRA defines the basis of PRA’s culture and the image we want to portray.

Values aren’t just words, they’re actions.

PRA’s values inform how we live and what we do—in both successful and challenging times. They provide a sense of shared identity. Individually, our values are not new to our organization. But together, they shape our unique company culture.

Above all, PRA’s employees are encouraged to respectfully apply these values to all of their work, whether internally or externally.

As we expand our research, technology, and capabilities, the five HI*PRA values will guide us in the pursuit of our commitment.

HR HIPRA Icons Human centricity


We are dedicated to improving lives through partnerships and the teamwork of our people.

HR HIPRA Icons Integrity


We do the right thing – exhibiting honest, fair, and ethical behavior across all diverse communities.

HR HIPRA Icons Passion


We achieve success by energizing and inspiring those around us while holding one another accountable.

HR HIPRA Icons Resourcefulness


We take a can-do approach and dedicate ourselves to improving and evolving the organization in our drive for solutions and innovations.

HR HIPRA Icons Agility


We are flexible and relentless in solving challenges and reinventing what we do.

What does our ideal future look like?

We’re in the business of improving lives, but drug development isn’t the only way we do it.

While bringing new treatments to market is critical to improving lives today, we also believe in creating a healthier, more proactive world where we can prevent certain illnesses from occurring in the first place.

We want to create opportunities for people to proactively prevent or manage illness in order to lead fulfilling, uncompromising lives. We believe that by taking a holistic approach to positive impact through social outreach, charitable contributions, diversity, inclusion, and sustainably minded programs, we can do our part to leave the world better than we found it.

PRA enjoys a people-first culture of value, respect, and support. Talk to one of our recruiters—you’ll see what we mean when we say that working here is different.

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