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At PRA’s Center for Vaccine Research, we apply our hands-on, boutique operating model with the capabilities of a global CRO to solve your challenges and customize solutions to meet your unique needs. We use data intelligence to identify and target endemic areas and areas with high disease prevalence to improve study design, site selection, and enrollment forecasting in ways that others cannot. Our solutions are designed to deliver rapid and predictable outcomes, as well as cost-effective trials that prevent the spread of unnecessary disease.

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Bringing personalized, passionate care to vaccine research.

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Our small but specialized team of experts is powered by the infrastructure, technologies, and capabilities of a global CRO. We bring the same focused, passionate care and attention that you do to preventing diseases to every vaccine study we work on, while ensuring you have all the resources needed to push your research forward. We leverage our deep data to personalize study design and improve site selection, ensuring you meet rapid enrollment targets.

See how we met stringent timelines in a recent Ebola vaccine trial.

Strategic partnerships that simplify the start-up and monitoring processes.

We’ve partnered with the Alliance for Multispecialty Research (AMR) to bring efficiency to every step of your vaccine development—from protocol to database lock, from sponsor to site. By following AMR’s Core Team Process, we can provide a single start-up and contracting process that covers 14 sites. Every clinical study is assigned a core team lead to act as a single point of contact. This simplifies and streamlines the start-up and monitoring processes, allowing us to meet or exceed enrollment expectations consistently.

Together, our vaccine partnership helps facilitate identification of appropriate populations for vaccine studies, reducing development times and bringing much-needed vaccines to market sooner.

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