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We’re driving pediatric clinical research forward and protecting kids through research, not from it.

Mandatory pediatric considerations for new molecularly-targeted oncology drugs

We all want the best for our children—especially when it comes to their health. At PRA’s Center for Pediatric Clinical Development, we’ve created an infrastructure that leverages the best experts and resources advancing pediatric clinical development. We have a fully-dedicated team of pediatric development experts, a team of 25+ pediatricians and pediatric-trained physicians, and an internal working group of pediatric-experienced individuals across departments. Additionally, 70% of our operational staff have pediatric experience. Together, we deliver seamless support from strategy through into operations.

Beyond PRA’s in-house expertise, we created the Paediatric Research Partners to access the latest insights into pediatric clinical care and to build strong relationships with pediatric centers across the globe. We believe collaboration is key to bringing the best treatments to children.

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We provide support from early engagement all the way to approval.

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Clinical Studies

Non-Clinical Projects

Pediatric programs are too often an afterthought, leading to a loss of resources and resulting in poorly performing studies. Our team is comprised of individuals with diverse clinical and development expertise covering the full scope of pediatric clinical development. Our infrastructure allows us to implement comprehensive development strategies in conjunction with our sponsors. We don’t wait until pediatric programs are time-critical—we consider pediatrics from the start of adult development programs, increasing the efficiency of the program and saving our sponsors time and money.

Our Paediatric Research Partners are a select group of internationally recognized pediatric centers and medical professionals from across the globe that share the common goal of advancing treatments for children. These partnerships allow us to rapidly leverage scientific expertise from KOLs to help better inform protocol development, study design, and standard of care from multiple regions.

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Experienced in all facets of pediatric drug development.

Testing drugs in children presents considerable scientific, clinical, technical, and logistical challenges that must be navigated carefully. We’re experienced in delivering clinical studies on a global scale, accounting for cultural, ethical, regulatory, and procedural variances. We have experience with pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies; extrapolation, modeling and simulation studies; and real world studies. We also provide training to operational teams to ensure they are well-equipped.

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Our global experience allows us to develop and execute country-specific, customized recruitment and retention initiatives.

Family-centered clinical development.

Clinical research doesn’t just involve the child, it involves the whole family. We lessen the burden of participation for patients and their families by implementing decentralized clinical trials, our Mobile Health Platform, home healthcare, and other strategies that improve the patient/family experience. We ensure assents and consents are understandable for children and their parents, engage children in the research conversation and work closely with patient advocacy groups. We also partner with innovative organizations like Jumo Health, an award-winning provider of clinical trials education resources, to ensure our studies are optimized for study success and family engagement.

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Our People

Sorrentino Mark square

Mark Sorrentino, MD, MS

Vice President, Center for Vaccine Research and Center for Pediatric Clinical Development
Whiteway Jacqui square

Jacqui Whiteway, PhD, BSc

Pediatric Strategy Liaison, Center for Pediatric Clinical Development, Senior Director, Scientific Affairs
Dehlinger Kremer Martine square

Dr. Martine Dehlinger-Kremer, PhD, MS

Vice President, Scientific Affairs, Pediatric Subject Matter Expert, Center for Pediatric Clinical Development
Dewhurst Jo square

Josephine Dewhurst

Director, Center for Pediatric Clinical Development, Pediatric Strategic Liaison Officer
Hansen Missy square

Missy Hansen, MSN, APRN, PNP

Pediatric Strategy Liaison, Center for Pediatric Clinical Development
Sherman Cervati Kirsten

Kirsten Sherman Cervati, BA, CCRP

Senior Director, Center for Pediatric Clinical Development and Lead of PRA’s Global Paediatric Research Partners
Peppers Johnny square

Johnny Peppers, PhD

Executive Director, Center for Global Drug Development and Center for Pediatric Clinical Development
Peterson Heather square

Heather Peterson, RN, BSN

Pediatric Strategy Liaison, Center for Pediatric Clinical Development
Emmary Williams

Emmary Williams

Brand & Partnership Liaison

Harris Dalrymple, PhD (Med), PhD (Law)

Executive Director, Medical & Scientific Affairs, Vice-Chair, Center for Pediatric Clinical Development

Aparna Parikh, MD

Executive Director, Center for Pediatric Clinical Development & Country Consultant for India

Jami Thompson

Senior Paediatric Research Partners Specialist, Center for Pediatric Clinical Development
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