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About PRA in China

PRA has been delivering innovative drug development solutions in China for nearly a decade. Our people work tirelessly to provide quality results for clients and their patients. We offer specialized operational and therapeutic expertise through a broad range of full-service clinical development and integrated, outsourced operating models – our customized Embedded Solutions™.

PRA's Product Registration Services group has been instrumental in helping our clients conduct complex, Phase II-III, multicenter trials and achieve more than 85 approvals across a range of therapeutic areas.

Quanjie Wei

Our mission in China is to build the most comprehensive and flexible offering to support our clients with global trials, embedded teams, in-house biometrics, and local trials in China.

Quanjie Wei
Director of Clinical Operations, China

We have worked for decades to improve clinical trials and expedite the development of treatments across the globe, strategically expanding wherever we can ignite positive change in the industry. China, the second largest pharmaceutical market in the world, has experienced significant increases in clinical trial activity. Our investment and expansion of PRA in China acknowledges our sponsors’ needs and furthers our desire to promote clinical drug development around the world.

PRA has been delivering innovative solutions in China for nearly a decade and now continue that work through our locations in Beijing, Shanghái and Dalian.

PRA in China has the opportunity to not only build out our offerings in the region, which include multilingual skill support for Japanese and Korean clients, but also to leverage more effective project structures for work across Asia-Pacific and the rest of the world. This expansion strategically allows us to continue advancing towards the future of clinical drug development.

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