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Our Biometrics organization starts with the end in mind, deconstructing the regulatory pathway to ensure the data are reported, displayed, and captured in the most appropriate manner to support our sponsor’s development process.

At PRA, Biometrics forms a centralized, global model that integrates Portfolio Management, Biostatistics and Programming, and Data Operations. Our team of top industry experts operates across all phases and PRA divisions, allowing us to easily customize our Biometrics model and provide cost-effective solutions for any client.

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Margaret Li

PRA’s 3 Chinese Biometrics hubs offer our clients the highest quality, flexible, scalable, and multilingual Biostatistics, Programming, and Data Operations services for local, regional, and global clinical studies“

Associate DirectorBiometrics, China

The centralization of PRA’s Biometrics model offers the following:

  • Global standards, processes, and integrated systems

  • Delivery with consistency, reliability, and high quality

  • Team allocation based on the relevant time zone and therapeutic expertise

  • Industry-leading data management and Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) data conversion technology (EXACT™)

PRA has 3 Biometrics hubs in China: Beijing, Shanghai, and Dalian. These hubs offer multilingual skill support for Japanese and Korean clients and leverage more effective project structures across Asia Pacific and the rest of the world. PRA’s investment and expansion in China is a direct response to our sponsors’ needs and builds on our mission to advance global clinical drug development.

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