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What’s your HQ?

Research Expertise

Some people focus on their IQ—their intellectual and expertise-driven strategy. Others focus on their EQ—their ability to empathetically relate to others to identify and design compassionate solutions for real people in the real world. However, at PRA, we pride ourselves on our hybrid approach that marries the two. We call it our HQ: Healthcare Intelligence.

Today’s drug development landscape is more complex than ever. That’s why we’ve made our approach to solving your challenges more simplified than ever.

First, we get to the root of the question you’re trying to ask.

Once we understand the question, we apply our Research Expertise—the collection of human knowledge spanning all areas of drug development that gives us a comprehensive and holistic approach to designing a strategy to answer your question.

Then, we integrate our Data Insights.

Our robust data ecosystem gives our experts unparalleled insights to honestly and accurately answer your question.

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Finally, we apply our Patient Perspective.

By understanding the needs of the patient community, we ensure the strategy and the data will work for (and be reflective of) real people in the real world.

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