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We’re merging data, patients, and technology to transform the way research is done.

It seems that all anyone talks about today is data. At PRA, we know that data is only as good as how you use it. That’s why we’ve not only assembled one of the world’s most robust data ecosystems, but we’ve built a team of world-class data scientists who can harness the power of data to answer your questions like never before.

We supercharge our expert human knowledge with unparalleled data insights and leverage that data to create informed solutions for developing and commercializing a drug across the product lifecycle. No matter where you are in your product lifecycle—no matter the scale or complexity of your challenge—we have the data and insights to inform more intelligent, proactive, and timely decisions to drive your product forward.

Data Services

Every day we’re making breakthroughs in how we use data to answer questions, but we’re also making breakthroughs in how our data is empowering our partners. We offer an array of specialized data services to answer your questions and give you the insights you need to achieve successful outcomes.

Data Access

There’s more data available to us than at any other time in human history, but it’s not the quantity of the data that truly makes the difference. It’s the quality. That’s why we’ve not only built one of the world’s largest repositories of data, but we’ve continued to make cutting-edge breakthroughs in how that data is captured, tracked, assembled, and translated. We can gather unparalleled insights into what’s happening in the real world like never before, yielding more accurate and meaningful answers to your questions.

Symphony Health

Significant changes are radically reshaping the healthcare market, and our services provide a comprehensive, leading-edge perspective on the real dynamics that can make or break the success of brands.

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