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Discover what patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers are saying about a disease, treatment, or symptom to truly understand the voice of the patient.

Social media has enabled an unprecedented increase in conversations that can be measured, tracked, and counted as first-person insights. Our team is using these conversations to provide a new layer of insights into our research that reflect the patient’s voice in a candid, first-person manner that allows us to understand the real-world implications of our research like never before.

Our Social Intelligence and Communities team listens to what patients, caregivers, and HCPs have to say in their own words to give them a voice in the process of drug development. This helps us learn how they describe their conditions, what their challenges and frustrations are, what type of information they seek, and allows us to identify behavioral trends and activities, ultimately resulting in better study recruitment strategies.


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Understanding the voices of patients and caregivers allows us to speak with them in a language they resonate with.

Working in collaboration with data scientists, therapeutic experts and clinical operations, we use real world data, study protocol and site/country lists to develop queries within our global social intelligence platform. The team monitors, captures and analyzes large volumes of online conversations and consumer digital behavior data to reveal:

Icon motivations

Motivations that impact patients’ healthcare decisions

Icon behavior

Behaviors (thoughts and feelings) at each phase of the patient journey (pre–post diagnosis)

Icon barriers

Potential barriers to clinical study participation and retention

Icon sentiment

Sentiment related to living with an indication and the current treatment landscape

Icon conversations

Conversation trends or the most discussed topics related to a specific indication

Icon entertainment

Where and when patients consume their news and entertainment

Icon habits

Digital and mobile consumption habits by demographic

We want to give a voice to the real person behind each patient. This gets lost too often, and we work hard to shed light on what’s important to them, what motivates them, and what role does the disease or clinical trial actually play in the patient’s life.

Deb Piaseczynski, Senior Director of Social Intelligence and Communities

When to engage our Social Intelligence experts in your product’s lifecycle?

Phase III- IV of Clinical Development

Once a disease begins to impact the life of the patient and their circle is the moment they really start communicating about it and their treatment on social networks . We then use these insights to inform the language we use at PRA for study recruitment.

Commercialized Products

We offer several capabilities unique to the commercialized space to help companies monitor and optimize performance and activities among patients, HCPs and KOLs

Social Listening Services

Global Facebook communities

We listen to Facebook conversations to gain a better understanding of patients and caregivers. These communities are also used to conduct polls and surveys, to ask questions and to promote a clinical trial. We can launch a new community within 24-hours and use targeted advertising campaigns to populate a new community. We use geofencing, targeting by country, language, zip code, email address, gender, age, and interests to target Facebook users for community acquisition.

AE Monitoring

Multi-lingual, 24/7 Social Platform Inflation and Management includes launching a social profile and populating it within weeks, managing incoming and ongoing public and private conversations, and collecting and distributing brand or 3rd party content to keep members engaged.

Brand or Product Sentiment

Reveals emotions and opinions conveyed for a brand or product mentions via positive, negative or neutral sentiment. These may include an initial report, benchmark and ongoing branded real-time dashboard with quarterly reports.

Competitive Digital/Social Analysis

Overview of drug or brand social media usage, sentiment, volume, and more.

Digital Patient Persona

Building on our patient voice reports, this provides a combination of social listening, plus a 360 ° persona that includes media usage, political leanings, personality traits, household makeup and income, device usage, etc.

Real-Time Dashboards

Custom real-time dashboards coordinating social intelligence learnings across multiple channels or accounts.

KOL Analysis & Management

Analyze KOL social presence to maximize effectiveness of relationships and provide training and content for sharing.

Conference Reporting

Social listening around specific conferences and indications.

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