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We measure our HQ with actions, experiences, and intentions. Nowhere is that more evident that in the stories of our subject matter experts. We want to share these stories with you—from leaders in every facet of our industry— in order to best articulate the reasons we do what we do.

Sure, we’ve got the metrics and capabilities to back it all up, but we’d like you to meet us and better understand why our key differentiator is our people.

Spotlight on our people

Our HQ is not an explicitly tangible thing, but a quality we are always working on and striving to improve. We express our HQ most notably through our people. Learn more about their unique experiences and stories which best exemplify PRA’s overall Healthcare Intelligence.

Hq amy raymond

Amy Raymond

Director of Therapeutic Expertise, Center for Rare Diseases

Hq perry peck

Perry Peck

Director of Business Development

Hq laura iliescu

Laura Iliescu

Manager of Patient Advocacy & Engagement, Center for Rare Diseases

Hq brad pruitt

Brad Pruitt

Executive Medical Director of Digital Health

Hq missy hansen

Missy Hansen

Pediatric Strategy Liaison, Center for Pediatric Clinical Development

Hq emily mitchell

Emily Mitchell

Senior Director, Biometrics

Hq mark sorrentino

Mark Sorrentino

VP, Center for Vaccine Research, Center for Pediatric Clinical Development

Hq christina fawcett

Christina Fawcett

Sr. Director of Real World Solutions, Digital Health

Hq ewoud jan van hoogdalen

Ewoud-Jan van Hoogdalen

VP, Scientific Affairs, Clinical Pharmacology

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