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It’s time to play the Know Your Colleague Game—the game where teammates answer a series of questions to determine just how well they know each other.

Let’s meet our colleagues…

Like friendship, one important quality of a strong partnership is time. Time to get to know one another. Time to build trust and rapport. However, time isn’t always the first indication of a strong bond—especially if you’ve got two partners who really want that bond to happen. Today’s partners are a perfect example.

Nicole Duffey, SVP & General Manager of SSD, and Nigel Stenner, VP & General Manager of SSD, met just two years ago, but you’d never know it from their unique bond. They joke with one another, always seem to know what the other is saying (sometimes before they even say it), and ultimately, make an amazing team.

“We balance each other out,” Nicole says. “Nige reminds me when things need to be kept simple by outlining exactly what needs to be done in clear, concise steps.”

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“I’ve always been a science-based guy, so some of the softer skill stuff still trips me up,” Nigel shares. “Nicole reminds me to do the little things that don’t always come naturally to me, like wish someone a happy birthday or send a thank you email. I really appreciate that.”

When they met, Nicole sensed instantly that Nigel was just a real, down-to-earth person. He came in ready to roll up his sleeves and put in the work. He doesn’t put on airs or try to make people think he’s something that he’s not. Their partnership kicked off the right way because they both had the same mentality—find out exactly what needs to be done and run with it.

For Nigel, what started as a new partnership evolved into a mentorship. “Nicole has gone from being my manager to a guide and mentor to me—she keeps me on my toes,” he says.

Both believe that a good partnership is about being completely honest and transparent. A partnership is built on mutual trust and respect—something these two have built over their time together. They listen to each other, encourage one another to continually improve, and always make sure to laugh along the way.

We asked Nigel and Nicole to answer several questions about each other. Both were asked to keep their answers a secret. For every match, they will score a point towards their final score. Now, it’s time to reveal their answers and see just how well they know each other.

1. What is Nicole’s greatest strength?

2. What is Nigel’s greatest strength?

3. What is Nicole most passionate about?

4. If Nigel could snap his fingers and become an expert at anything, what would it be?

5. What one word would your other teammates use to describe Nicole?

6. What’s something—big or small—that Nigel is really good at?

7. What is one thing Nicole would like to accomplish in the next year?

8. What’s one way Nigel helps patients live better lives?

9. What’s one way Nicole helps patients live better lives?

And their final score is…

Another piece of advice from these two? Just like in our personal lives, partnerships can grow dull or boring when they stay the same day in and day out. Sometimes you have to stir things up in a positive way—whether that’s with friends and family, colleagues, or clients. Volunteer for new tasks and roles, jump into new collaborations, take chances, and forget your ego at the door.

Nicole and Nigel both understand that in order to grow as an individual and as colleagues, you have to focus on the people around you—and they’re both doing just that.

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