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At PRA Health Sciences, we know that the human resource is unquestionably our most valuable resource—our people are our greatest strength. In building this global team, PRA has brought together not only individuals from around the world with diverse skills, training, and experience—but with equally as diverse and unique personalities, passions, and work styles to fill numerous essential, life-changing roles.

Take, for example, PRA’s Director of Business Development. A great deal of responsibility falls on the professional serving in this critical role, so it takes someone with an astute mind for business. He is the leader of PRA’s high-performing Account Development Team. This team is a global force of sales professionals in the U.S. and Europe that strategically identifies profitable business opportunities in the healthcare, clinical research, and health sciences industries, and initiates and cultivates productive, mutually beneficial, and long-term relationships with them. His work often takes him on the road, working proactively to personally develop, foster, and maintain these business relationships. He’ll help resolve any client needs or concerns and will create specific action plans that support the customer when needed.

Leveraging his years of experience and expertise, PRA depends on the director to develop and implement long-term business growth strategies and assess business risks. He does this by analyzing financial, statistical, and economic data in order to achieve PRA’s revenue and sales objectives. He also keeps his eyes and ears open and his finger on the pulse of the global pharmaceutical and clinical research industries, keeping abreast of market intelligence and the activities of all key competitors, their services, acquisitions, and pricing.

As the first line-of-offense in selling PRA’s services and solutions, the Account Development Team under his leadership is the face of PRA to clients and potential clients, so they are also instrumental in expanding PRA’s brand presence and reputation around the globe.

Perry ASH

PRA’s Director of Business Development is a seasoned salesman and proven leader of this critical team. He is persuasive and shrewd, and during his tenure at PRA, he has proven to be highly adept at negotiating sound and lasting business deals. With responsibilities such as these and a proven track record for excellence, it’s obvious he is a professional that takes his work seriously. In fact, it would seem his business savvy mind would have little time to think about anything but work.

Contrast this with one of PRA’s free-spirited teammates whose action-packed life must keep him as busy off the clock as on.

Driven by adrenaline and youthful energy and enthusiasm, he’s always on the go. His active lifestyle often has him traveling the world, meeting new and different people and experiencing other cultures “off the beaten path,” not just at popular tourist locations. His travels have so far taken him to nearly 20 countries around the globe, from the architectural wonders of Italy to the rainforests of Costa Rica.

But he doesn’t just live this eventful life in faraway locations—his zest for life keeps his homelife equally as eventful. He’s extremely competitive and athletic—most nights you’ll find him driving in for an aggressive layup on the basketball court, and it’s not uncommon to find him hitting the slopes on a snowboard. When he’s not personally mixing it up on the playing field, he’s still in the game, on the sidelines calling the plays while coaching his sons’ little league teams.

While always seizing opportunities to feed his hunger for excitement, he is also developing his talent for—literally—feeding his family.

Perry Pep Pizza
Perry Family

A true “foodie” who doesn’t just defrost pre-packaged food in the microwave, he is an aspiring chef that makes gourmet dishes from scratch, including homemade pasta and smoked meat. He recently had a professional woodfired pizza oven installed in his backyard.

Many hours are likely spent on this same patio listening to him strumming the guitar, banjo, or mandolin. He’d like to record an album someday—but the movie buff in him might have him writing a screenplay first.

With such differing styles—one that you’d picture primarily wheeling and dealing with executives in a conference room and one that’s seeking out life’s next adventure outside the walls of PRA—it could seem a little surprising that these two lifestyles can come together and work productively and effectively for the common objective of accomplishing PRA’s mission and goals.

But we’re actually talking about the same person. Perry Peck is PRA’s quintessential business development professional—and a charismatic, cool guy.

With a keen mind for business and a great sense of humor, quick wit, and a winning personality, Perry has meshed his diverse personal and professional strengths and traits to become a hugely successful, trusted leader at PRA.

The Account Development Team is the first to attest to this. He has successfully developed a special camaraderie and rapport that is shared throughout this results-driven team, despite the fact that the group is spread across the globe.

Of course, in this digital age, real-time “face-to-face” virtual meetings help Perry and team stay in touch and strategize, and group chats keep communication flowing on a daily basis. And he is willing and available to talk on the phone whenever he’s needed, no matter how many times he’s needed in a day.

However, he also recognizes that, while technology allows you to connect from afar, coming together in-person is still critical in building and supporting this successful team. When full calendars and busy schedules allow, Perry makes the trip from his home office in New York to work with his team on their own turf. Sometimes, having the boss drop in can be a little stressful to employees. With Perry, it’s hardly a cause for anxiety; the last time he was with his team in Wales, the get-together included a standup paddle boarding excursion.

It’s this supportive, team-first atmosphere that has allowed the Account Development Team to thrive and continue to drive business to PRA. In fact, last year Perry’s team generated over $1B in RFP volume, with many of those opportunities beginning with a simple, introductory email.

Even with a supportive, dynamic leader at the helm, the Account Development game can still be demanding and stressful. The stakes are high, a great deal of responsibility falls on teammates’ shoulders, and PRA has high expectations of them in terms of company profitability. Emotions can run high, and teammates can feel the pressure. Sometimes a simple, “Bro, relax,” from Perry can ease the tension and remind everyone that things are under control under his calm, cool leadership.

Perry Bills
Perry Snowboarding

His relaxed demeanor absolutely does not translate to a nonchalant approach to business—or to life.

Perry is extraordinarily motivated and driven for success, with a passion and fierce competitive spirit that comes from deep within. He doesn’t just hate to lose, he hates to see the other guy win, on the playing field and as a salesman of PRA. He is a determined, confident, effective leader with a vision for the future of PRA.

Perry often encourages his team to send “the right message to the right person at the right time.” As PRA continues to enable drug development companies to bring their life-saving therapies, ease the burden on patients, and use its evolving technologies to advance clinical trials, the time couldn’t be more right to engage with Perry and his team at PRA!

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