Hepatology and NASH

PRA Health Sciences is the global leader in hepatology and NASH clinical development. Our clinical expertise and unsurpassed experience provide the data and best practices needed to drive your program forward and ultimately make treatment options available to patients faster.

PRA’s Hepatology Group partners with sponsors, investigators, and other collaborators to deliver strategic, data-driven solutions for hepatology studies. In the last five years, we’ve conducted 130+ hepatology trials, including 34+ NASH trials and five Phase III NASH trials out of the eight ever to reach Phase III.

This experience, combined with PRA’s data capabilities and global infrastructure, creates a development solution capable of facilitating the continuous advancements in hepatology research. Our experts are forward-thinking, with the resources in place to access patients, support your imaging needs, and reduce wasted cost and time. We work to hold the very latest knowledge in hepatology innovation so we can enable our partnerships to succeed.

Driven by Expertise

Our team is built of MDs, statisticians, regulatory scientists, DPDs, PMs, CTMs, and CRAs with hepatology-specific expertise who understand these complex patient populations and study protocols. Collectively, we have 125+ years of industry experience and 200+ years of clinical practice experience.

In the last five years, we’ve supported:

Hepatology Studies

including cirrhosis, autoimmune diseases, and cholestatic liver conditions

NASH Studies

including 5 Phase III NASH studies (of the 8 industry-sponsored trials ever to have launched)

Viral Hepatitis Clinical Studies

in total we’ve supported 200+ viral hepatitis studies including 5 registration programs for marketed products

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Patient-Centric Approach

We are motivated in our daily work by the patients these treatments help, and we work to make clinical trial participation as convenient as possible for patients worldwide. We’ve crafted a superior patient journey, increasing access for potential participants, reducing the burden of participation, and enabling a truly patient-first experience throughout the entire development journey. Our protocols consider a patient’s daily life and their standard of care and are free from unnecessary burdens and nuances. Building patient-focused studies not only help patients who are enrolled but ultimately lead to faster approvals and widespread availability for all hepatology patients.

To learn more about our Hepatology Group’s capabilities or submit BD inquiries, contact our Vice President of Project Delivery, Tristan Baldwinson at BaldwinsonTristan@prahs.com.

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