Neuroscience pain

We are dedicated to advancing patient-focused clinical research and drug development for some of today’s most serious neuroscience and pain challenges.

Possessing demonstrated expertise and a wealth of international experience across neurological, psychiatric, and analgesic drug development, we provide innovative clinical research solutions for patients and families facing healthcare challenges that include pediatric and rare indications, and conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, depression, and chronic pain.

Under the expert guidance of our in-house board-certified neurologists and psychiatrists, we have carried out pivotal trials leading to the approval of 20 drugs for the treatment, prevention, and cure of neurological, psychiatric, and pain disorders.

We gather quality, actionable data, utilize novel analytics to inform clinical decision-making, and apply advanced technologies to better understand the patient experience.

The patient journey – and improved quality of life – is at the forefront of everything that we do.

Neuroscience and pain study experience over the past five years include:



Clinical Studies

Non-Clinical Projects

We gather quality, actionable data, utilize novel analytics to inform clinical decision-making, and apply advanced technologies to better understand the patient experience.

The patient journey—and improved quality of life—is at the forefront of everything that we do.

Learn about the studies PRA is conducting with both healthy subjects and patients with various types of acute and chronic pain.

Decentralized Trials

Neurology and Psychiatry provide immense opportunities for completely remote patient monitoring that significantly alleviates patient burden.

Learn more about how PRA conducts decentralized clinical trials.

New treatments on the horizon

We are continually striving for new treatment programs for those suffering from a neurodegenerative or neuro-inflammatory condition, as we explore novel designs and leverage vast pools of data to foster innovative approaches for the advancement of future therapeutics.

Conducting diagnostic, preventive, and curative research, we bring significant commitment and experience to every clinical study, with particular expertise in Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias and mild cognitive impairment, Parkinson’s disease, motor neurone disease, and multiple sclerosis.

Neurodegenerative Research: A Future Mindset

Explore the critical need for research into neurodegenerative disorders, with particular emphasis on the future of clinical development and Alzheimer's research.

Take a look at how PRA is leading the global fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

Alleviating the pain

We are uniquely equipped to alleviate pain with our state-of-the-art facilities—in addition to our unmatched commitment to quality, in-depth experience studying numerous compounds, and a strong track record in patient retention. All this, along with our advanced tools and systems, make us industry leaders in analgesic development.

Our experience encompasses post-operative, neuropathic, chronic, and breakthrough pain, as well as research into experimental pain models.

We are at the forefront in Human Abuse Potential (HAP) studies and addiction therapeutics, with extensive research experience with recreational users of opioids, benzodiazepines, stimulants, and cannabinoids. We apply findings from pharmacogenetic testing to aid the discovery of personalized medicine for safer, more effective analgesics.

Our research also encompasses addiction therapeutics. Addiction is a complicated disease for which we seek evidence-based approaches for the treatment of substance-related disorders.

Learn about the cognitive and personality characteristics that may make an individual more vulnerable to recreational drug abuse.

Central Nervous System clinical development strategies and expertise

Our industry-leading team of neurologists and psychiatrists brings unique expertise and insight to every clinical study.


    Dedicated neuroscience and pain start-up unit for efficient global study activation.

  • Speed

    Novel database analytics facilitate strategic country and site selection to expedite clinical studies.

  • Expertise

    Comprehensive understanding of global variations in standards of care and care settings for neurological and psychiatric conditions.

  • Motivation

    Proactive strategies to motivate sites and promote patient recruitment in highly competitive indications such as multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Assessment

    Standardized diagnosis and assessment with special attention to rating, a critical part of most neuroscience and pain studies.

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