PRA Health Sciences has had a secret weapon in its arsenal over the past several months as COVID-19 has continued to impact lives and industries around the world.

PRA Insights Team
PRA Insights Team

Actually, it’s not really a secret – his days of classified missions are behind him, and PRA is proud to talk about the critical role Bart Rembert plays within the company. Bart is Manager of Integrated Risk Management, and has been on the front lines at PRA helping formulate strategic decisions and plans of action in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

After a 22-year career in the United States Air Force – the last six in Special Operations – Bart made the transition from active duty military to civilian life. He came to PRA as an intern via the US Department of Defense and joined our team full-time earlier this year as part of Integrated Risk Management.

PRA has long recognized the value veterans bring to the workplace – with their specialized skillsets, work ethic, and sense of duty for serving others – and we are proud of the reputation we have earned as a welcoming and supportive community for veterans.

Bart manages PRA’s Business Continuity Teams, 82 teams in more than 70 countries comprised of subject matter experts that have the specific knowledge, skills, and experience to identify, prioritize, and mitigate risks. The teams ensure PRA is always ready for any incident – whether manmade, natural disaster, or health emergency – and is able to swiftly respond, contain the impact, and recover from it.

“I was very pleased to be able to recruit a veteran for this position, as it utilizes many transferrable skills to manage risks and protect PRA assets and employees,” said Chris Marshall, Director of Integrated Risk Management. “Bart impressed during his internship and quickly fit into the team.”

Shortly after joining PRA, Bart was called on to put his skills and expertise in crisis management to work on both a global scale and a global stage, as the COVID-19 situation began unfolding in Asia.

During his time in the military, Bart developed an insight and unique way of thinking about, looking at, and approaching various scenarios. He also has the ability to remain focused and levelheaded no matter how stressful the situation, and knows firsthand what it means to perform work when there is literally no room for error. When he was with Special Operations, his assignments included dismantling bombs.

PRA’s Executive Crisis Management Team, Business Continuity Teams, and COVID-19 Recovery Teams have relied on his insight, expertise, and his counsel throughout the course of the pandemic as numerous preparations and comprehensive plans have been developed and implemented at both the corporate and local levels. He also reviews and interprets the various guidance and orders from states within the US and countries around the world, ensuring PRA’s actions align with the numerous and wide-ranging governmental directives.

Bart has been an integral part of PRA’s intelligence gathering, horizon scanning for risks, and support of our Business Continuity and Crisis Management Teams throughout this unprecedented event.

Chris Marshall, Director of Integrated Risk Management

Bart and Chris Marshall have been on top of the COVID-19 outbreak from the outset, anticipating and preparing for all potential scenarios and planning PRA’s response.

“Within two weeks of Bart’s onboarding, we were discussing intelligence coming from China regarding an epidemic and starting to evaluate it as a potential risk to PRA,” noted Marshall. “Bart has been an integral part of PRA’s intelligence gathering, horizon scanning for risks, and support of our Business Continuity and Crisis Management Teams throughout this unprecedented event.”

Calm strength, purpose, and sound leadership skills are important assets in managing crises, and Bart exemplifies these qualities. We are fortunate to have his expertise and real-world experience in crisis management at our disposal; with the upcoming hurricane and cyclone seasons, you will undoubtedly be seeing more of his leadership in action.

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