Digital Therapeutics and Their Impact on Future Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes affects more than 10% of the American population, with over 34 million people diagnosed with the disease. One in five of those people don’t even know they have it, which makes recognizing the signs even more important.

Key Highlights

This American Diabetes Alert Day, learn how digital therapeutics can improve diabetes awareness, prevention, access to screenings, and better treatments.

PRA Health Sciences
PRA Health Sciences

American Diabetes Alert Day helps people understand their risk for diabetes. It also highlights how the disease can affect people both daily and long-term, as well as what to look for to identify symptoms. American Diabetes Alert Day promotes diabetes awareness with the aim to help prevent diabetes and increase access to screenings while we work toward better treatments, like digital therapeutics.

PRA works with several partners to further diabetes research and treatments. We have helped make digital therapeutics more accessible and widely used so that people with Type I and II diabetes can get essential resources to maintain the best possible quality of life.

Why Do We Need Diabetes Awareness?

If patients know what to expect and how to identify symptoms when they appear, especially early on, they can help prevent more severe complications later in life and lower the risk of diabetes onset. That is why it’s so important to spread knowledge about diabetes and the issues surrounding it.

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PRA has been involved in 19 Type I and II diabetes studies in the last five years. We have helped our partners at every stage of the process, even when they have difficult recruitment goals that can delay clinical trials. We have found solutions to these problems, keeping trials on track and bringing drugs to market faster so that patients have more options for treatment.

How Digital Therapeutics Improve Diabetes Care

Diabetes treatment has often been a one-size-fits-all solution. Digital therapeutics help us see into patients’ lives to improve treatment based on their individual therapeutic needs. With more remote technology, we can assess those needs and provide better care.

About 1.5 million people are diagnosed with diabetes yearly, so it has become more important to find individualized solutions. Digital therapeutics make that easier with a patient-centric approach to healthcare. By using this technology, we give patients a way to keep track of their routines and treatments daily on mobile and wearable devices.

Digital therapeutics also work with medical equipment to perform blood glucose monitoring and insulin delivery, sometimes automatically. The technology can also offer suggestions and resources for managing diabetes. It expands the ability to manage symptoms and monitor a person’s health outside of doctor’s offices, hospitals, and clinical trial sites.

Digital therapeutics benefit healthcare professionals, caregivers, and patients alike. They reduce care costs for patients and make their care more personalized. They also allow for more engagement between patients and professionals while promoting trust in healthcare and better adherence to treatment plans.

What Does the Future of Diabetes Treatment Look Like?

Experts predict that diabetes will become more widespread with a 25% increase in cases by 2030 and a 51% rise by 2045. That’s why PRA works with its partners to advance digital therapeutics for diabetes even further. We need to perform more tests and clinical trials to test the efficacy of digital therapeutics so that patients and providers feel comfortable using and recommending them.

Digital therapeutics are as much a service as a treatment plan. Their purpose is to offer patients support while administering the necessary therapies. At this point, we are using trials to add more indications that detect more conditions and make other resources available for patients.

Last year, the FDA launched its Digital Health Center of Excellence, which promotes digital health technology. This platform benefits diabetes patients by offering more information about how digital therapeutics work and aids in increasing confidence in digital therapeutics for doctors and patients, making the technology more available and gaining trust.

Treatment options should advance along with technology. We can improve patients’ treatment experience and quality of life by increasing the availability of digital therapeutics. PRA works with this technology every day so that we can give patients the care they need when they need it.

Our digital health solutions are built with each specific trial in mind. Depending on the disease state, the patient population, and our sponsor’s targets, our experts will help determine the best approach to your particular trial. From enrollment and ongoing engagement efforts to consultations and in-depth analysis, we have the tools needed to conduct your DTx trial from start to finish.

Learn how our solutions can reduce the burden on patients and provide significant value to our sponsors.

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