Earth Day: How PRA Employees Around the World Honor the Planet, Part Two
PRA Health Sciences
PRA Health Sciences

Continuing our series celebrating Earth Day, here are 10 more PRA employees who are incorporating environmental awareness into their lifestyles. Come back on Friday for a grand celebration of amazing photos employees all around the world have shared, showcasing this amazing planet we call home.

Lucy Morrow UK New Mexico
When we’re on holiday, my husband and I like to seek out unusual accommodation, and after watching a fascinating documentary about eco-architecture (Garbage Warrior), we visited Earthship Biotecture in Taos, New Mexico. This was our home for the night – a completely sustainable solar-powered off-grid two bedroom house with all the mod cons – the shower and Wi-Fi worked better than some hotels we visited on this trip! A wonderful experience which gave us lots of ideas for small things we could do at home to live a more eco-friendly existence. You can learn about them here: Lucy Morrow, Associate Director – Clinical Operations – Training, Reading, United Kingdom
Greg Pate Raleigh NC reduced size
I commute in Raleigh, NC, where the city has been steadily building a very strong bicycle infrastructure. We have cycle lanes on many roads, and we have greenways that are both open to bike traffic and separated from car traffic. Fortunately, for those of us in the RDU office, that greenway runs very close to our office. That opens up a beautifully scenic bicycle commute. These pictures were taken on a single 5 mile trip on my afternoon commute between the RDU office and my home. It’s such a beautiful, fun, healthy and invigorating way to get to and from work! Oh, and my fuel is burritos instead of gasoline! Greg Pate, Director of Legal Affairs, Raleigh, North Carolina
Bridgette Kotsubka Raleigh NC01
At my house we compost as many items as possible including food scraps, lint from the dryer, paper towels, coffee grounds, and many other items. This has helped to drastically reduce what we send to the landfill. We also have backyard chickens and a large vegetable garden. The chickens love digging through the compost pile! We make breakfast scrambles on the weekends with 100% of the items coming from our backyard. We also have several pollinator gardens to help the bees. This year we are converting a large stretch of grass into an even larger pollinator garden with zinnias, bee balm, butterfly weed, Liatris, milkweed, Achillea, sunflowers and much more! Bridgette Kotsubka, Lead Project Analyst, Raleigh, NC
Ariadna Fernandez Mexico Mexico
My family and I enjoy so much vacations, picnic and camping in natural places, beautiful places where we could admire the majesty of nature and our planet. I have a little orchard at home where I am teaching my little girl to take care of plants and earth. I love to contribute with associations such as charity for vulnerable communities for example, donations of clothes, toys, money, food for people that need it. I also like to protect animals and look for homes for dogs on the streets. I am a fishitarian and I try to buy only products of companies with social compliance and avoid animal suffering. We try to use only biodegradable and recyclable products such as dish soap, laundry detergent, cleaners, diapers, trash bags, eating utensils at home. We try not using straws, we try to care of the environment and the water. If possible, I prefer go walking than using the car. In my free time I like to meditate and connect with the earth and the elementals of the earth (fire, air, water and earth), to create a positive energy in the environment. I love gems specially quartz and I share quartz bowls meditation with other people in order to clean the earth with positive energy. Ariadna Fernández, Manager of Clinical Operations 2, Mexico
Christian Vera Brazil Brazil
This is the pineapple planted in my garden. Besides, I planted a mulberry 4 years ago in my condominium and for the last 2 years, we have picked beautiful blackberries. Also, I used my bicycle to go to everywhere in my city. Christian D. Osik Vera, Clinical Team Manager, Brazil
Daniele Barucco Italy Lake Tovel Alps
My wife and I try always to stay environmentally conscious. We both commute to work by using public transportation. Luckily commuting vehicles are both electric: tram and underground. We live in Milan, Italy and we do not only reuse and recycle, but we go also with repairing. When needed we bring clothes and dresses to a nice clothing repair shop. By chance we found also a repairing kit for home produced by Sugru trying to keep an environmentally friendly house. Please check Daniele Barucco, Clinical Team Manager, Italy
Daisy Park Seoul Korea Han River01
To celebrate Earth Day, I would like to share some pictures with my bicycle. We have the river, Han River called HanGang in Korea, flowing through Seoul. I usually ride the bike 15kms along the river and sometimes more than 30 kms to another province, KyeongGiDo. From the pictures, you can see the beautiful Han River as well as the highest building of Korea, Lotte Tower I would like to see with my colleagues together. Additionally, the color of the bike is similar to PRA’s logo. Daisy Park, Talent Sourcing Recruiter – Global Talent Acquisition, Korea
Patricia Anderson Texas Texas02
My husband and I planted a white Dogwood tree yesterday that we bought in Palestine, TX, as part of their Dogwood Trails celebration. We have several raised beds and we enjoy gardening throughout the year at our home in Spring, TX. I was previously a master gardener in Rhode Island and was a member of the Westbury Community Garden outside Houston, TX, before moving to our new home in a different area. Patricia (Fox) Anderson, MS PStat, Senior Biostatistician – Biostatistics, Texas
Maddie Mac Kay Halifax Nova Scotia Canada reduced size
I’m regionally based in Halifax, NS Canada (which is where the photo is taken). I like to avoid driving when I can, so I choose to jog my kids to their school/ daycare each morning. Madelaine MacKay, MSc, Project Manager, Canada
Jody Spera US US
I’m regionally based in Halifax, NS Canada (which is where the photo is taken). I like to avoid driving when I can, so I choose to jog my kids to their school/ daycare each morning. Madelaine MacKay, MSc, Project Manager, Canada