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My name is Roger Pelletier (He/Him). PRIDE means so many things to me. It’s made a tremendous impact on my life.

Roger Pelletier
Roger Pelletier
Director of Clinical Operations

PRIDE is the exhilarating yet heartbreaking feeling that I felt when I walked among the AIDS Memorial Quilt on the Mall in Washington DC, in the early 90s.

PRIDE is the feeling of joy when you’re surrounded by gay friends and allies during a loud, colorful, and happy Gay Pride Parade.

PRIDE is the feeling when your beautiful family embraces you and your great niece grows up knowing her G’uncles as just two loving men that live together and love to buy her nice shoes.

PRIDE is seeing my company create wonderful awareness, visibility, inclusivity, and resources for all employees, including those that are LGBTQ+.

I live in beautiful Miami Beach, Florida, with my husband Juan. We have been together for 26 years and married for six. To borrow the wonderful words of another Queen (Queen Elizabeth II), “he is my strength and stay.” Juan has also witnessed my nearly fourteen years at PRA (through legacy RPS). I have been so fortunate to be out at work for my entire career—I’ve been nothing but my authentic self.

I’ve shared so many genuinely joyful times with colleagues over the years. During team meetings, I’ve been able to share pictures of my husband and my wedding. Sharing my truth with such beautiful images that show us celebrating our love among dear family and friends was one of my proudest out moments.

When I became an employee of PRA, I was part of a large pharma carve-out of the clinical operations group. In a way, I didn’t have a choice about joining PRA—but I could certainly decide whether or not to stay. I believe in always analyzing your relationship with your employer. You need to continually ask yourself if that relationship can flourish and grow long into the future.

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Roger Juan Wedding

A flourishing employee-employer relationship looks different for everyone. I personally have three pillars for building and sustaining this relationship:

Be authentic.

I’ve always felt the importance of bringing my whole self to work. During my time at PRA, I’ve had the privilege of serving hundreds of people—whether it was being their Manager, Associate Director, and now Director. I have come out to all of them when the time was natural.

Coming out to a colleague is an expression of vulnerability and trust. In all cases during my time at PRA, each experience was positive and added significant value to the relationship.

Be willing to learn.

PRA is an organization that is full of knowledgeable workers. Learning is embedded into the organization. PRA places a high value on continuous learning and provides the resources to do so (e.g., LinkedIn Learning and Cornerstone).

One of my proudest moments during my time at PRA was obtaining my MS Leadership degree. The tangible support I received from PRA through our Education Assistance Program was absolutely invaluable to my success in earning my degree.

Be mindful.

For the last twenty years, I’ve practiced meditation. I believe that mindfulness has a place in both your work and non-work life. To help bring this passion into my work life and share it with others, I had the honor of founding the Mindfulness Community Group.

I’m so grateful to have an opportunity to bring my passion into my work and share it with others. That’s just another example of how PRA encourages me to bring my authentic self to work every day.

PRA provides so many opportunities for us to grow, thrive, and flourish. My advice is to look for opportunities to express your passion at work. If you don’t see an opportunity, create one. I’m so proud to bring my authentic self to work throughout my daily interactions at PRA. I hope that by being out, I give someone the comfort level to live their truth with me and others—whatever that truth may be.

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