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Mountain Day, also known as “Yama no hi,” is Japan's newest public holiday. It’s celebrated August 11 because the kanji (Chinese characters used in written Japanese) for "eight", 八, and the number 11 both look like the sides of a mountain.

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Mountain Day is Japan’s newest public holiday. Ryota Yamazaki (山崎 亮太), Japan Talent Acquisition Lead working out of PRA’s Japan office, speaks about what this day means to him.

Samantha Mineroff
Samantha Mineroff

According to Ryota Yamazaki (山崎 亮太), Japan Talent Acquisition Lead working out of our Osaka, Japan office, Mountain Day provides the “opportunity to get more familiar with mountains and appreciate their benefits.” Japan is known for its beautiful landscapes of mountains and volcanoes. Much like Marine Day, which celebrates the importance of the ocean, Japan celebrates many aspects of the mountains’ beauty. Unlike many other urban and developed countries, Japan unique appreciation for nature is embedded into their culture.

Ryota says that people celebrate this Obon holiday (a holiday celebrated in the middle of August) by doing leisurely activities, including heading to the mountains to hike.

To him, Mountain Day isn’t just a day appreciating Japan’s nature. He sees how its impact spans his personal perspectives: “Japan is a country who has benefitted from both the surrounding seas and mountains, which has brought uniqueness to Japan throughout its history,” says Ryota. “However, sometimes nature becomes offensive by bringing typhoons, tsunamis, and earthquakes, so we’re mindful of preparing for something unpredicted.”

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