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The demand for science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEM) talent is continuously increasing. November 8 marks National STEM day in the US, which commemorates the concept of educating children and young adults in these four specific academic disciplines. Governments and schools worldwide are including STEM-based subjects in curriculums, ensuring there will always be qualified candidates for science and technology-based jobs.

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The need for STEM talent is ever-increasing. Today, more and more women are entering STEM fields. We showcase our PRA women in STEM and share their perspectives.

Samantha Mineroff
Samantha Mineroff

Today, we see more and more women involved in STEM fields. According to the Women in STEM Workforce Index 2020, there are more women than ever represented in the STEM workforce. The women’s share of life and physical sciences jobs increased by 16% since 1990.

At PRA, about 73% of our global employees are women. They empower one another with their dedication, hard work, and passion. They know what it means to rise up to the challenges we face in this industry.

Below, hear some perspectives from PRA women in STEM:


When people ask me what digital health is at its core, I tell them it’s enabling data and technology for better access and healthcare delivery for all patients. I started my career as the Clinical Nurse Specialist for the Division of Hematology/Oncology and then left academic medicine to build the first oncology EMR company.

Jane Quigley, RN BSN OCN, Senior Vice President and lead of all digital health, US

Sarah 2

Believe in yourself and do whatever fit you best and make sure to keep healthy, physically and mentally…Supportive family, supervisors, and team members have made my career quite smooth this far and I have deep trust, appreciation, and consideration for others, and I’m open-minded to get their support and understanding. Of course, I also have high expectation and discipline on what I shall do at all positions (personal life and at work).

Sarah Liao, Director of Clinical Operations, Taiwan


I am responsible for the global biometrics function, which includes Statistics, Programming, Data Management and Data Analytics. In order to succeed in this role, you must understand the functional requirement within biometrics that motivates a successful employee. Leaders within the team must ensure we build a culture that encompasses a program for continued education, career development, and keeping up with industry trends. Leaders must understand the needs of our clients and be able to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the function within clinical research.

Susan Schwarzwalder, VP – Biometrics Strategic Solutions, US


My commitment is to my team and the people I work with. My goal has always been to promote a team player attitude within the company, so that no one feels embarrassed to reach out and ask for help. We all have different skills sets and it is very rewarding to see how we can all learn from each other to achieve great results together.

Florencia Cortese, Recruiting Manager, Global Talent Acquisition, Argentina


I am the Vice President of Product Delivery in Product Registration. A successful leader in this role is a problem solver, collaborator, and team builder. They empower those around them. Be your authentic self—don’t take on masculine attributes to fit in. Your femininity is an asset to the organization because it brings a different perspective.

Teresa Dunlap, Vice President, Product Delivery in Product Registration, US

Vicky 2

I’m a Senior Talent Acquisition Manager for the China and Hong Kong region, now managing a team of nine, including four Client Facing Recruiters, four Talent Sourcing Recruiters and one Coordinator across multiple programs for SSD. I oversee, manage, and drive the whole recruitment process to ensure a sufficient talent pipeline to support fast business expansion and strong growth in the region.

Vicky Qu, Assoc Director of Recruiting - Recruiting Corporate Services, China


My colleagues are an inspiration to me. We support each other and learn from one another. Over the years, we’ve built an amazing comradery and have grown alongside one another.

Nicole Duffey, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Strategic Solutions, US

We celebrate women’s success and encourage their voices to be heard. We work without labels, empowering one another to be bold and bright. Pursue your dream in a STEM role here at PRA.

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