PRA Health Sciences takes pride in the values that help shape our employees’ perspectives and the work that they do during both successful and adverse times. Together, we create a vibrant and dynamic company culture unlike any other.

PRA Health Sciences
PRA Health Sciences

PRA’s COVID-19 Studies Team exhibits honest, fair, and ethical behavior across all diverse communities to help shape that culture. This team, which consists of over 100 SSD employees, brings us to our second HI*PRA value: Integrity. We embrace this value through our leadership maturity, self-awareness, cross-cultural competence, and professionalism.

Our COVID-19 Studies Team leads with an open-minded approach. Study leads come from across the globe in Europe, Latin America, and South Africa, with medical managers in Australia, data managers in India and Eastern Asia, study coordinators in China, and other staff members from every corner of the planet. With so many different people in varying locations, it can be tough to schedule meetings, hop on a quick phone call, or collaborate in real time. It takes patience, understanding, and passion to find ways to work cooperatively together. The team’s greatest accomplishment is being able to communicate and work as one team. This is the kind of maturity and acceptance that crosses cultures.

Communication is the key to building a dedicated and proficient team. A real leader is able to adapt their communication style to different cultures. The most valuable skill in this environment is flexibility.

Chiara Monelli, Senior Study Manager

Working on this team means things move fast, with little time for anything else. Despite working long, often strange hours, everyone on this team brings their passion and commitment to their work. This dedication empowers each team member to keep moving forward, knowing that they share the same goal—to improve and save patients’ lives.

Each team member demonstrates their ability to think about others, as well as see their work contributing to the bigger picture. Data alone can’t speak to entire populations—it takes expert and sympathetic minds to shed light on what that data is telling us. This is true for the COVID-19 vaccine. When it comes to working collaboratively to find a life-saving vaccine for all populations, everyone on this team contributes and does their part.

We understand the need to generate evidence and provide reliable information to the world population regarding the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 treatments, as well as for the vaccines in different populations. This must be done in the shortest time possible.

Erandi Loredo, In-house Clinical Research Associate (CRA)

Members of this team often encounter personal and professional challenges—such as working long or late hours and juggling time zones—but their ability to work with people across cultures and to recognize differences that may exist allows them to create better outcomes.

PRA’s COVID-19 Studies Team works beyond the COVID-19 vaccine studies, including an anti-viral, Phase I trial in the US. This inpatient trial includes participants who may be identified at any time once they are hospitalized for COVID-19. This requires extensive coordination between the site and the sponsor. Despite these challenges, the team understands the effect their words, actions, and behavior have on others and the organization and they advocate for PRA's greater purpose in the global community.

I’ve had to coordinate study logistics with both the sponsor and the sites over weekends to ensure protocol adherence and good subject care. This requires me to be on call and accessible after hours. I feel it is my personal duty to serve on this trial and I hope that, in this very small way, I make a difference. I am honored to have a role in a potentially life-saving treatment and believe it was time well spent.

Mandy Williams, Clinical Site Operations Manager

At PRA, we define integrity as doing the right thing. Our COVID-19 Studies Team members understand that their observed behaviors influence their team, department, and teammates and they demonstrate respect and empathy in alignment with our organization's values and guidelines of ethics and conduct.

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