At PRA, we focus on seeing the bigger picture in our work. We leverage our agile infrastructure, data-driven insights, and patient-centric approach to transform clinical research into an accessible, reliable, and convenient care option. This ultimately leads to improving lives—a philosophy at the heart of our first HI*PRA value: Human-Centricity. We deliver on that value through our teamwork, communication, relationship management and team leadership.

PRA Insights Team
PRA Insights Team

For the Global Resourcing team, this philosophy permeates through to every team member. All of them contribute to something greater than themselves, but the team also understands that this is a company-wide effort. Their ability to rally not just their internal team together to accomplish seemingly impossible challenges, but individuals throughout PRA, is a testament to their human-centric nature.

The team acts as one to complete some of the most complex resourcing jigsaw puzzles. Although the pieces seem scattered around the world, Global Resourcing always comes together to deliver.

Nic Turfrey, Director of Project Management – Project Delivery

Global Resourcing provides resourcing support for a component of Global Operations, which includes Project Management, Clinical Delivery and Global Study Start-up. These divisions include Project Managers, Clinical Team Managers, Clinical Research Associates, and Global Study Start-Up staff. Project teams support Business Development, Directors of Project Delivery, and General Partners on building portfolios for new opportunities with existing and new clients. A key component of this process is finding the right employee match with experience, tenure, client-specific requirements, location, and availability to help win new work for PRA.

Although the global support provided by the Global Resourcing team could appear segmented at a glance, the team works together as a cohesive unit. It’s not unusual for two team members in different countries to work together on any given day. While team members may have different roles and responsibilities, there's a sense of community.

I think our team was unknowingly operating as OnePRA before that concept became a proper name and vision for our organization. Our team’s perspective is centered around that global approach. We receive positive feedback on our dynamic and how well-supported people are. Even though it’s hectic, high profile work, we have great systems, processes, and support structures in place that make the toughest days completely worth it.

Terressa Laurent, Director of Resource Management

Global Resourcing acts as the oil for our OnePRA machinery. Thanks to their ability to step back and put things into perspective, they find solutions and compromises which are the best for our company, without taking sides. They manage to absorb all the pressure of immediate responses expected calmly, without creating extra anxiety.

Marta Imbert, Executive Director, Clinical Delivery—Western Europe

Global Resourcing consistently recognizes their role in making PRA shine. Sometimes it means prioritizing an individual customer need. Other times, it means prioritizing an individual employee need to support retention. It’s all about finding balance between delivering on projects and creating the best blended teams. Having access to that information is crucial—it allows the team to see what the needs are across many different studies. This helps achieve a different perspective than one single project manager could achieve.

In many ways, the Global Resourcing team operates as an extension of PRA’s Business Development team.

A clear example of this recently occurred when PRA was selected as a partner for a high-profile COVID-19 vaccine study. Given the incredibly short timeline, the client needed a massive amount of resources. This situation was a testament to the power of the OnePRA philosophy. The team was able to work with business leaders across the organization and identify hundreds of people who shifted their priorities, changed their project assignments, and gave up their own free time to contribute to this effort. When faced with a worldwide emergency like COVID-19, Global Resourcing had to make sure the right staff were available for the job.

With their unmatched professionalism, flexibility, and out-of-the-box thinking, they always step up and are key contributors to our successful sales process.

Max Ghez, SVP – Business Development

At PRA, we define human-centricity as the dedication to improving lives through partnerships and teamwork. Global Resourcing understands that in order to impact people’s lives for the better, the right person must be assigned to the right project. They never lose sight of the fact that the right person absolutely impacts how projects are run and monitored, as well as the safety of patients. The total impact of these clinical trials starts with the first person who touches that study and all the other people that touch that study to move it forward.

Another way Global Resourcing maintains a positive impact is through employee retention efforts. Team members may have a tough study, a tough schedule, or a tough client. But when they love what they do and work with great people, they want to stay. It’s clear that Global Resourcing’s focus on people has a positive impact on the team as a whole.

We leave you with two more quotes about this essential and dedicated team.

We are not micro-managed. We are supported by leadership and given the freedom to work with our teams in a way that works best for the individuals. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Resourcing is different for each team and each role, and we are encouraged to work in a way that will allow for success.

Emily Robinson, Resourcing Specialist, Resourcing Corporate Services

Those you serve with on the front lines naturally become something more than friends. You become comrades. Global Resourcing is this way. Through the fast pace and craziness that comes with resourcing at a CRO company, you learn to trust, rely, and support one another more than any other team.

Adam George, Manager of Resourcing, Resourcing Corporate Services

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