Stepping Up to Protect Our Planet and its People
PRA Health Sciences
PRA Health Sciences

Nearly 8,000 miles in diameter and 4.5 billion years old, Mother Earth is home to 7.6 billion people. The planet is unique in our solar system, verdant and abundant with life. We also know Earth and its many occupants have challenges. Believing there is strength in numbers, PRA Health Sciences is joining forces with IMPACT2030 to address some of those challenges.

IMPACT2030 is a coalition of businesses working in partnership to help achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Launched in 2015 and signed by 193 world leaders, the goals look to end hunger, poverty, improve quality education, and address climate action across the globe.

The partnership with IMPACT2030 is part of PRA’s mission to further integrate sustainability into our business practices and culture. In our recently released Sustainability Report, we outline our commitment to the UN’s SDGs and how they will serve as a blueprint for our operational goals, as well as our employee engagement and charity-related activities that fall within our PRA Cares initiatives.

We asked Sue Stephenson, IMPACT2030 Interim CEO, to share more about her organization and its mission.

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For people who are unfamiliar with IMPACT2030 what is it and why was it established?IMPACT2030 was established in response to Goal 17: Partnership for the Goals and UN Resolution A/RES/66/67, which encouraged further engagement with the private sector “through the expansion of corporate volunteering and employee volunteer activities.”

How does it help further the UN SDGs? The IMPACT2030 coalition convenes leaders from corporations, the United Nations, civil society, academia and philanthropic organizations. IMPACT2030 Partner companies believe that a commitment to corporate volunteering — when used in concert with peer companies, civil society, the United Nations, government and academia — is a powerful tool to accelerate the global achievement of the SDGs and Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, advance the practice and impact of employee volunteering, and inspire the private sector to positive action. As a result, each IMPACT2030 Partner company has committed to applying its employee volunteer actions toward one or more of the SDGs.

How can companies and their employees make a difference in this effort? The SDGs are focused on addressing the most critical issues in the world, including poverty, inequality and climate change. These issues are relevant to every individual across every community in the world. Our neighborhoods, cities, countries are all affected by challenges and we as individuals and collectively with our companies, have the power to enact change.

How does IMPACT2030 help them? IMPACT2030 works with Partners (companies) and Stakeholders (all other sectors) to drive awareness of (activate), engagement with (collaborate) and measurement (measure) for the Global Goals and the power of human capital investments to drive their achievement. IMPACT2030’s approach is both local and global facilitating broad-based tools for employees to leverage across boundaries and barriers (i.e. Employees for the Global Goals) and forums for companies to collaborate across organization lines to drive impact in their local community (i.e. Action Teams).

Any partnership examples you can provide that exemplify the success of IMPACT2030 thus far? IMPACT2030 is still a young organization, so our successes are demonstrations of those organizations who are willing to roll up their sleeves and test out new ways of operating and collaborating. One early example of an innovative collaboration was between our Founding Partners, GSK and SAP in a new partnership to deliver critical services supporting Partners in Health in Rwanda. A bit more can be found here.

Are there any new initiatives or goals of the organization? In 2018 our largest programmatic focus will be on initiating more Action Teams and launching several Impact Projects. This new model for tri-sector collaboration (Action Teams) deploys human capital investments at a local level to tackle a SDG related issue in a community (Impact Projects). Over the past two years, IMPACT2030 Partners and Founding Stakeholders, have been testing a number of small-scale Impact Project models around the world in locations including Kigali, Madrid, Dubai and Philadelphia. These Impact Projects have brought together multiple IMPACT2030 Partner companies with local government and NGOs to tackle a critical issue in the community.

Based on the learnings of the pilot models, the IMPACT2030 Impact Project Framework and Guidelines are being developed to provide the written methodology for action-oriented, tri-sector Impact Projects. The Guide will describe the framework and process necessary for the successful deployment of Impact Projects from a participatory approach, including content related to initial ideation, building the Action Team, project planning, delivery, project monitoring and collection of lessons learned.

Understanding the UN Goals and the role of IMPACT2030: IMPACT2030 Video

As a proud partner of IMPACT2030, here’s what PRA is doing to help meet the UN SDGs: