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"Partnerships can strengthen and enhance all partners… But like any relationship, it takes a strong start, continued investment, and an ongoing commitment toward sustainability.”

– Nicole Duffey, SVP, Strategic Solutions

Where others staff, we embed

Our Embedded Solutions™ model is an efficient, integrated, and client-centric solution. As industry pioneers and consultative experts, we provide the strategic guidance and input needed to solve your specific drug development and resourcing challenges. Our therapeutic and operational experts are fully integrated into your existing operating model and culture while you maintain full strategic control of the development process.

Custom-built solutions that integrate seamlessly and efficiently into your ongoing operations

No two drug development partners are the same. That’s why we build long-term, sustainable solutions that grow and adapt according to our clients’ unique needs. By providing the services, resources, and governance best suited to a client’s culture and specific infrastructure, we help them streamline operational processes and avoid service redundancies.

PRA’s Clinical Research Associates: Feeling at Home While Changing the World

We strive to provide our CRAs a supportive, collaborative environment to perform lifesaving work. Hear from our Dr. Amos Oburu about what makes him feel a sense of belonging at PRA.

Embedded Solutions™ —The Value to You

Our People

Experienced and, dedicated employees who integrate seamlessly into your organization and culture. This is the apex of PRA’s Embedded Solutions™ Model.

Our Processes

Everything we do begins with you. That’s why our Embedded Solutions™ model is agile and designed to work seamlessly within existing client systems, processes, and infrastructure.

Our Technology

Our vision for outstanding technology is the same as our clients’ — to leverage real-time data, optimize efficiencies and performance, set new standards of collaboration, and elevate decision making. Thus, ensuring successful clinical development from start to finish.

The right relationships happen at the right times. Is now the right time for us to talk?

Our Embedded Solutions™ model offers

  • Customization

    From geographic coverage and resourcing requirements to supplemented infrastructure and management oversight structure, each solution is built with your unique goals in mind.

  • Control

    Embedded teams integrate into your systems, processes, and project management infrastructure. You retain strategic control and direction.

  • Scalability

    From small-scale, single function support to enterprise-wide transformational solutions, services can be adapted and scaled according to the capacity demands of your evolving pipeline.

  • Quality

    We allocate experienced personnel by functional or therapeutic expertise and provide ongoing educational training to ensure team members are always performing at their peak potential.

  • Lower Costs

    By optimizing the use of internal client staff, enhancing resource utilization, improving efficiency, and implementing best practice expertise, we can significantly reduce cost, as well as make them more predictable.

  • Operating Platform

    Leveraging our global expertise, we identify opportunities for partnership innovation and transformation, including process improvement and cost control initiatives, broad change management initiatives, and organizational structures.

You have challenges. We have solutions.

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