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It’s critical to have field-facing scientific experts in today’s complex clinical and regulatory landscape – Let our Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) take that lead.

PRA’s Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) are highly skilled and trained scientific resources working for you throughout every step of product development. We seamlessly embed our specialized and field ready MSLs into your ongoing operations by combining our clinical and scientific expertise with our comprehensive experiences across all phases of clinical development.

Expertise tailored to your specific needs.

Our MSLs are uniquely equipped to lead more productive conversations with key members of the medical community, foster deeper relationships, and have better control over the exchange of sensitive, study-specific information.

PRA’s MSLs receive extensive and comprehensive training, demonstrating expertise in:

  • Patient advocacy group support
  • Initiated Investigator Trials (IIT) support
  • Promotional review services
  • Real World Evidence (RWE)
  • Safety and Risk Management

Our rigorous MSL training and onboarding process results in more specialized and effective scientific leaders who will be culturally acclimated to your unique organization from day one. Allowing you to benefit from their unique backgrounds, extensive experience, and focused expertise in specific therapeutic areas and disease states, immediately

"The new generation of healthcare providers were born in the digital age with access to innumerous sources of information. They are a generation that questions all the information. That makes it necessary to involve someone with the high skills and deep knowledge needed to present robust data, engage in scientific discussions, and generate real value.”

– Claudia Chavarro, Director of Clinical Operations

Support through each stage – from early development on.

Our MSLs provide critical support throughout the development process by providing:

  • Insight of the product and early stages of development by way of shared knowledge from already embedded PRA teams
  • Design of more effective clinical programs and launches
  • Increased awareness of the industry and pipeline among the healthcare community before launch
  • Disease-state education
  • Safety and efficacy profile of the drug before launch

"A well-trained MSL on the whole life cycle of a product is the best seller a pharma organization can have, because that MSL is not selling a product, per se. They are selling science and knowledge based on real data. With their work, they can change pharma’s image.”

– Claudia Samudio, Associate Director of Clinical Operations, Strategic Solutions Division

MSLs are a specialized resource, dedicated to you and bringing new therapies to market. Contact us to learn more about how they can make the difference for you.

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