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PRA Health Sciences values employees who possess the knowledge and expertise that comes from working with our pharma partners.

What is workforce transformation?

Workforce transformation is the process in which we transition employees to PRA. Doing this successfully allows the pharma company to meet its business objectives, maintain a continuity of quality, and deliver in the most cost effective, efficient, and nimble way possible. Whether it’s from contractor roles, third party partners or directly from the pharma organization, PRA understand the intricacies of workforce transformation and has the know how to navigate this journey.

Through our global solutions and local implementation know-how, we possess expertise in both traditional transfers, as well as complex country-mandated and works council employment transfers. We’re trained and experienced in every type of transition.

Transitioning highly valuable people to PRA is the first step.

It is critically important that we transition valuable experts to PRA the right way, both to ensure a soft landing for the people, as well as maintain business continuity for our client partners. This solid platform enables both PRA and our pharma partner to evolve operating models, realize strategic objectives, and transform the organization to achieve long-term business objectives. Ultimately, sharpening our focus on and ability to bring life-changing products to patients with unmet needs.

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Evolution and Transformation

Just the beginning

The PRA Leadership Team provides the world-class, industry-leading expertise necessary for successful workforce transformations. With 20+ years’ experience and over 3,000 successfully transitioned employees so far—and we’re only getting started.

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