Early Phase Patient Studies

We provide the infrastructure, technologies, and expertise required to execute early phase patient studies worldwide.

Today, there’s an increased interest in having patient safety and efficacy data available as early as possible during the clinical pharmacology program. PRA’s innovative Early Patient Solutions (EPS) provides a lean proof-of-concept model. This model is designed to evaluate clinical endpoints and biomarkers within a smaller sample size of patients, which provides earlier data for go/no go decisions.

Early patient trials require a special approach due to:

  • Multi-site setup for patient access
  • Patient confinement for safety monitoring
  • Intensive procedures and PK sampling
  • Urgent timelines for data and results
  • Multi-stage dose escalation studies and adaptive protocols
  • A cost-effective approach

EPS provides an end-to-end solution perfectly suited for these trials. Leveraging PRA’s range of specialized therapeutic, operational, and drug development expertise, along with global resources, we develop customized solutions to help clients achieve their key milestones.

Drug developers are making the critical decision of whether or not to proceed. EPS offers a solution with reduced time and cost from the drug development timeline.

You have challenges. We have solutions.

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