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We combine real world evidence and real world research for real results.

Product development is really complicated, but the reason we do it is really simple. People aren’t simply patients – people are people. Our work doesn’t end once a product leaves the controlled clinical setting. We meet patients where they are in the real world, and we find meaningful data to answer the ultimate question: “Does this really work?”

Real World Evidence

A product’s launch is just the beginning.

What happens after is key. Payers, regulatory authorities, physicians, patients, and sponsors want to know how a product performs in the real world. How will it affect patients after months and years of use? How does the treatment impact different types of patients who were excluded from the clinical trials? These are questions that traditional Phase II and III clinical trials alone cannot answer—but real world evidence studies can.

Our real world evidence studies connect the companies that design and market revolutionary therapies with the patients who benefit from them. By accessing, analyzing, and interpreting the right data, we can fill the knowledge gap between clinical trials and clinical practice.

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Real Life Studies

Capturing, analyzing, and qualifying product performance—and patient experience—in the real world.

As clinical research and healthcare continue to merge, recent and important shifts in the healthcare industry position patients at the center of this ecosystem. Leveraging our patient-focused mobile platform, Clinical6, which provides a comprehensive ecosystem of support and connection, we focus on ways to tailor study participation to the patient, rather than the other way around.

By literally placing the power of study participation into patients’ hands, we can redefine patient engagement. From wearables to mobile study applications, our virtual studies are adapted to align with patient behavior in the real world and mirror their day-to-day activities. Patients can use their mobile devices to participate with ease and convenience, boosting study retention.

We’re saving costs, improving study compliance, and making studies more participant-friendly. Read how.

Real Time Operations

Delivering the highest-quality study design and execution, fueled by researchers, therapeutic experts, and data analysts.

Real World Studies




Strategically located around the globe, our Real World Solutions team includes multilingual country experts that successfully design and execute studies of any size or objective. Our regulatory expertise and fit-for-purpose operational approach, which has been approved by regulatory authorities around the globe, reduce average site start-up timelines compared to traditional methods when conducting peri- and post-approval research studies.

In 2018, Life Science Leader named PRA winner of the Phase IV 2018 CRO Leadership Awards for both overall and big pharma.

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