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PRA is proud to join forces with a group of highly skilled and experienced patient advocates — collectively working towards improving the way patients with rare diseases are integrated into the clinical development lifecycle.

About the Committee

The Rare Diseases Advisory Committee (RDAC) is an independent and autonomous volunteer group that advises and works with PRA’s Center for Rare Diseases. Together they work to better understand the ways in which clinical trials can be revolutionized to be more effective and accessible for these patients and their unique challenges.

The inaugural committee members are a group comprised of experienced and talented individuals, all with a deep connection to the rare diseases community.

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About the Collaboration

Working alongside the RDAC is the international team of experts at PRA’s Center for Rare Diseases. This team has dedicated itself to groundbreaking research and the development of life-changing therapies — specifically for patients with rare diseases. Since 2012, the Center has served more than 50,000 patients in over 300 clinical studies, leading to 18 approved drugs that fight rare diseases.

Download our Guiding Principles for Interactions with Rare Disease Patient Advocacy Organizations

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