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PRA’s global response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been thoughtful and deliberate, keeping in mind not only our industry, but all the people our industry serves. Below are just a few ways in which we’re exhibiting our commitment to the future of clinical drug development – no matter what challenges present themselves.

We’re Mobilizing to Fight COVID-19

Governments and businesses around the world continue to respond to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. We recognize that with our status as a leading CRO and healthcare intelligence company comes a responsibility to mobilize our resources to fight the pandemic. PRA is committed to mitigating any challenges that may lead to difficulties in conducting clinical trials. The safety and well-being of our patients, customers, partners, employees, and the global community is our highest priority.

PRA is on the Case

We’re at the forefront of the pandemic response, applying our capabilities, expertise, and infrastructure towards effective treatments and vaccines.

PRA’s Center for Vaccine Research uses data intelligence to improve study design, site selection, and enrollment forecasting in ways others cannot. Our solutions are designed to deliver rapid and predictable outcomes, as well as cost-effective trials that will help bring a treatment and/or vaccine to those who need it. We’re leading the charge, providing consulting services such as regulatory affairs, project management, and medical writing – in addition to other full services like site monitoring and site management.

We’re working in collaboration with our sponsors, at an unprecedented pace in the history of clinical trials, to bring treatments and vaccines for COVID-19 to our global community. Our operations are participating in various Phase I-IV clinical studies, targeting 72,000+ coronavirus disease patients at over 700 sites globally. We actively reach out to sites like these to collect data on the COVID situation. Data that will allow us to assess testing capabilities and the patient journey, in order to match the right sites with the right protocols.

Looking Forward: COVID-19 Treatments, Vaccines, and Distribution

We’re Building A Community

Sometimes feeling better means getting together. In this new, socially distant reality, groups like PRA’s Stronger Together COVID-19 Facebook Page provides a way to gather and share with people affected by COVID-19. The page offers important information that allows members to stay better informed about the pandemic, including how they can fight COVID-19 themselves and find support during this challenging time. With more than 100,000 followers and counting, this page is already making an impact.

Visit the Stronger Together Facebook page here

We’re Taking Research Forward

COVID-19 Research Database

Data transparency and collaboration are important, now more than ever, to fuel the rapid response required by the biopharma industry to fight this pandemic. PRA and Symphony Health have joined forces with more than a dozen other healthcare companies – including current partner Datavant – to create the COVID-19 Research Database.

This database is a secure repository of HIPAA compliant, de-identified patient-level data sets that will be made available to public health and policy researchers. The data will enable professionals to best extract insights related to COVID-19.

Read more about the pro-bono consortium.

The Conversation Continues

We’re constantly exploring new ways to contribute to the conversation and ultimately wish to help the industry and the entire healthcare community – as well as every person it serves – through this global crisis. From initiatives supporting health and wellbeing and fresh coffee to care workers, to timely PSAs and our experts joining the frontlines, we’re doing anything we can.

Follow along on our social media channels for even more, including how you can help, because every little bit counts.

Let us help you through this difficult time. Learn More about PRA.

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